July 17, 2023

Why Convert Your Business to a Grease Monkey?

This converted Grease Monkey store supports many causes, and a group posed for photos with the Grease Monkey mascot at the fundraising event shown above.

Seize the opportunity for more customers and a better ROI

Grease Monkey® works with existing quick lube and auto service center owners who would like to join a larger brand, and Gabriela Leal, Daniel Guzmanparra, and Brandon Moran are a great example. They opened their newly branded Grease Monkey business in November 2021.

The team, whose Grease Monkey store is in Texas, has achieved remarkable growth, fostered an active presence in the community, and built a diverse workforce since converting to the Grease Monkey brand.

Building the business

Since its opening, the business had 88% year-over-year growth, showcasing its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. During 2022, they serviced more than 15,000 vehicles.

They have expanded the team, starting with four employees in 2021, and growing to a staff of 10, including a retired Marine.

“We’re very proud of our accomplishments, and having the assistance of the Grease Monkey corporate staff during the process was fundamental,” says Gabriela.

Community engagement

One of the distinguishing factors of this Grease Monkey location is their involvement in the community. The team understands the importance of giving back, and has participated in numerous initiatives.

Their contributions include sponsoring baseball, football, and soccer teams. The business has run successful fundraising campaigns for two nonprofit organizations, and has become a permanent donor for United Way.

Additionally, the team provided gift certificates for new teachers in the area. They also donate toys for children during the holiday season.

Valuing and recognizing employees

“We provide over-the-top benefits for the entire team and an environment of trust where all of our employees provide excellent service for all customers,” Gabriela says. “We value diversity.”

The technicians are provided with opportunities for additional technical training to increase their skills and knowledge. As part of our franchisee support, Grease Monkey provides these training opportunities. Our training platform is called FullSpeed Automotive University, and the training is robust. This is another advantage offered if you decide to convert your business.

Join our brand

This success story is a great example of the power of converting your business into a Grease Monkey. It demonstrates the potential and benefits of joining a well-known national franchise, and their accomplishments show their dedication, hard work, and passion for making a positive impact.

Owners who convert an existing automotive business benefit from:

  • discounted franchise fees
  • reduced royalties for the first two years after joining the brand
  • a remodeling package designed to minimize the costs of rebranding.

How to convert your business

If you are considering converting your quick lube or auto service center, we’d like to talk with you. Take the first step by downloading our free ebook.