Why Grease Monkey® is a Top-Rated Automotive Franchise

Fund 860 badge, which indicated access to the best credit terms

Why Grease Monkey® is a Top-Rated Automotive Franchise

Fund 860 badge, which indicated access to the best credit terms

Our History and Vision

Founded in 1978 and based in Denver, Grease Monkey has grown to more than 500 centers internationally with operations in the United States, Mexico, China, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia. The brand has flourished, thanks to a commitment to customer service, innovation, and driving strong ROI for franchisees.

Our History and Vision

$514 Billion Industry

Total sales expected for the automotive aftermarket industry by 2024. That’s up from $325 billion in 2021.

The auto repair industry is massive, steadily growing, and resistant to downturns.

One reason Grease Monkey® is a great business opportunity is because more than 99% of the vehicles on U.S. roads need regular oil changes. And while electric vehicles are very slowly gaining market share, it will be decades before they make up the majority of cars on the road.

$372 Billion Industry

We're part of

FullSpeed Automotive
Grease Monkey is part of FullSpeed Automotive®, one of the largest and fastest-growing quick lube organizations not owned by an oil company. FullSpeed is focused on helping franchisees open new businesses while also acquiring auto service centers from independent operators who are ready to sell. The goal is to use economies of scale to boost purchasing power and support for every location — whether the location is owned by a franchisee or by FullSpeed Automotive itself.
Two of Grease Monkey's largest sister brands are SpeeDee® and Kwik Kar®.
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FullSpeed Auto

Meet the Leadership Team

Rob Lynch
Ron Stilwell
Ron Stilwell
Kelvin Sellers
Jim Boswell
Kate Hyatt
Kate Hyatt
Jaime Flores
Clarke McCord
Clarke McCord
Brian Michel
Rick Juarez


Kelly Tope
Alfonso Vilches
Joe Stephens
Kacey Reed
Julius Villarreal
Susanne Chastain

Franchise Support

Grease Monkey® offers tremendous franchise support to help you get started and grow your business. You don’t need automotive experience. We provide training, marketing support, and a wide range of tools to help you find customers and serve them well.
Your Support Teams
Franchise Support

What Grease Monkey Owners say

Some of our owners are gearheads. Some had no automotive background at all before becoming a Grease Monkey® owner. See what they say about the brand.
  • Everybody is different. Some operators are very good with marketing. Some are very good with operations. Some are good with keeping teams accountable. The important thing isn’t your background. It’s your ability to keep your energy high, maintain a positive environment, and let other people on your team excel in the areas where you need help. Personally, I love operations and team building and operating, but I’m uncomfortable with sales consultations. But Grease Monkey has a great management training course and they spend a lot of time on how to present recommended services to customers. I send guys to that course, and they text me back that it was awesome, and when they are back at their centers, I see an uptick.

    Tyson Daniels

    A former Jiffy Lube manager who owns five Grease Monkey locations in Idaho, two in Colorado, two in Utah, and two in Nevada
  • I didn’t have an automotive background, but years ago my wife and I had church friends who owned a Grease Monkey in Grand Junction, Colorado, and it was a nice, clean, tidy place you could always take your car and be confident it was being taken care of. One of the things we decided early on that has been helpful is that if we bought a franchise — into a system — we were going to do whatever Grease Monkey told us to do. We figured we paid for the franchise, we ought to maybe do things their way! And that has been one of our very best decisions. When Grease Monkey has an idea, it is usually a pretty good idea.

    Steve Sessums

    A former airline pilot who now owns 6 locations in Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Montana and manages them with his wife, Gloria, daughter Rachel, and son-in-law, Chuck. He was Grease Monkey’s Franchisee of the Year in 2018
  • We weathered well through COVID. Our revenue is probably going to be up 30-40% this year. It was a lot of hard work, and following procedures.

    Clinton Brown

    Owns two locations in Colorado. He started working for Grease Monkey as a high schooler in 1987 and bought his first location in 2009 and his second in 2019
  • My son and I have worked together on cars. Some of his first words were ‘cars’ and ‘keys.’ When he was 8, we bought a Road Runner, and it was just trashed, but the whole point was to work together on it. His gift is the ability to look at something mechanical and create a solution, and his passion is to help people with that. Our guests really appreciate Brandon and how much he cares about their vehicle and keeping them safe. My ultimate goal is to build up the brand and then have him take it over.

    Tom Tobin

    A serial entrepreneur who is opening his first Grease Monkey in Cibolo, Texas, and plans to have three locations open by 2026. He is also an Army veteran who says Grease Monkey’s veteran program is incredible.