June 15, 2023

Want to Diversify Your Portfolio? Grease Monkey Services are Always in Demand

Grease Monkey center for multi-unit owners

Grease Monkey is a valuable investment for multi-unit owners looking to expand or diversify

As a multi-unit owner, buying a Grease Monkey® franchise is an opportunity that empowers you to tap into a lucrative market, a proven business model, and a service that’s always in demand.

In this post, we’ll focus on the benefits of the Grease Monkey franchise for multi-unit owners looking to diversify their portfolios or those interested in passive income.

As with any investment, it’s crucial to make informed decisions when evaluating a franchisor. When gathering information about a franchisor, watch for these red flags:

  • Does the franchisor have a lot of closures and resales?
  • ​​Is there pending litigation?
  • Are the franchise salespeople friendly and knowledgeable? Or do they seem stressed and pushy?

If a franchise passes those tests, consider the following before making the decision to invest:

  • Brand leadership/management
  • Growth potential
  • Financial claims
  • Brand reputation
  • System performance

Brand leadership/management

Grease Monkey’s leadership and development teams have decades of experience in both franchising and the aftermarket automotive industry, and have built systems and support teams to help franchisees and their teams quickly get up to speed.

The Grease Monkey team knows which areas are ready for expansion. Within those areas, we know the best locations for new stores, thanks to both boots-on-the-ground research and predictive analytics

Growth potential

Grease Monkey is committed to intelligent growth. We set up our franchisees to grow and scale the business smartly, and we manage franchise areas to prevent over-saturation. This approach empowers franchisees to flourish.

Grease Monkey is well aware of the challenges of growth. We know that it’s harder for a multi-unit owner to grow from one to two to three units than it is from five to 10 or 10 to 15. 

With our system, scaling your business is more manageable. Whether you own one, five, or 15 locations, you’ll benefit from a robust framework that optimizes efficiency and profitability.

Financial claims

You can find our latest financial performance representations here. You can also find a breakdown of fees

We encourage you to compare our revenue and EBITDAR averages as you evaluate opportunities that can offer strong ROI. 

The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is provided to franchise candidates, offers even more detail so you can confidently evaluate your investment and understand what you’ll receive in return, including training, support, and a well-crafted grand opening plan.

Brand reputation

Founded 45 years ago, Grease Monkey has established itself as a trusted and recognized brand. We offer operational efficiency and consistent service delivery across franchise locations. Our well-established framework consistently generates positive results for franchisees.

Grease Monkey also places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by training franchisees to consistently provide high-quality services.

System performance

Founded in 1978, Grease Monkey continues to grow and plans to have 700 units by the end of 2023. We operate in the U.S. and internationally (Mexico, China, Colombia, and Saudi Arabia). We are consistently highly rated by Entreprenuer.com and are part of its yearly Franchise 500 ranking. 

Unlike many businesses, Grease Monkey stayed open during COVID because it’s considered an essential business. Automotive services are always in demand, providing a steady and reliable source of revenue.

More information for the multi-unit owner

With growth opportunities, a proven business model, robust franchisee support, and strong brand recognition, Grease Monkey provides a solid foundation for investors.

Learn more about Grease Monkey and its investment opportunities by downloading our free eBook.