December 9, 2022

The Most Underrated Advantage of Joining a Grease Monkey Franchise

Two franchisees meet and shake hands while others in the group watch.

Franchisors offer a lot of support and guidance, but so do other franchisees.

When you join a franchise system, you become one of many people working together to build a strong and successful brand. The business model and leadership team are important. So are marketing and training resources.

But one of the most underrated strengths of a franchise brand is the camaraderie amongst franchisees — and the way they share knowledge and support one another.

With 187 Grease Monkey® franchise locations, franchisees have hundreds of years of combined experience tackling every conceivable challenge you can face while starting, managing, and growing your business. And because everyone is running the same basic business model, advice tends to be specific and immediately applicable.

What Our Franchisees Say

“The real benefit I find is the interaction with other franchisees in the system,” says Jon Crum in Greensboro, North Carolina. “We find out what’s working, what’s not, what cars they’re servicing, and what services they’re doing on specific cars. It’s small things that you can’t thumb through a book and find out.”

Tory Greer of Webster, Texas, singles out specific franchisees who have helped him: “Justin Wagers was very helpful,” he says. “Greg Parsons is on the north side of Houston. If I have business questions, I reach out to him and his manager.”

This informal network of support is in addition to the marketing and training support offered by Grease Monkey’s home office as well as the business coaches who regularly meet with franchisees to help them drive revenue and profitability.

Grease Monkey franchisee Tom TobinTom Tobin, another Texas franchisee whose first store is in Cibolo, noted, “The marketing team is fantastic, and my Grease Monkey business consultant was with us through construction, having regular meetings to help us get open. He was here unpacking boxes during our Grand Opening. They have been stellar, and it has just confirmed my decision to go with Grease Monkey.”

As he moves forward with plans to build five to six locations in his territory, he is also exploring another way of benefitting through the network of franchisees — partnership to accelerate expansion.

While Tom’s new to Grease Monkey, he’s a serial entrepreneur with a track record of success, and he says he looks forward to mentoring new business owners.

Learn more about our franchisees

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