September 16, 2022

New Store Model Makes It Easier to Develop More Territories at a Lower Cost

Grease Monkey center for multi-unit owners

The New Design is a Great Opportunity for Single or Multi-Unit Owners

If you’ve been thinking of opening a Grease Monkey® location, there’s no better time than now. We’re rolling out a new store model that will make the customer experience even better and increase productivity for Grease Monkey owners.

The new store models range from 1,200 to 1,500 square feet, with three express bays. The size of the new buildings lowers real estate and construction costs – because they’re smaller stores with smaller lots. This is especially important as real estate and construction expenses continue to climb.

What’s behind the new design

The value-engineered new store models are modular, which dramatically reduces costs. Another benefit of the modular design is that it makes builds and openings faster.

The new store models feature:

  • 15-minute express lanes that allow customers to stay in their cars
  • Clear signage in the parking lot to direct customers
  • Updated lounge areas and patio seating
  • Refreshments and entertainment

The design of Grease Monkey’s new stores help us stand out from the competition. The design of oil change stores is nearly identical – our new design has an eye-catching, fresh look.

Benefits for new or experienced franchisees

“While customer experience is at the forefront of every strategic decision, we anticipate the flexible, new store models to be a real source of attraction for eager and sophisticated franchisees who want to bring our brands to their region of choice across the U.S.,” said Ron Stilwell, Chief Development Officer of FullSpeed Automotive.

“When franchising, it’s critically important to ensure that the cost of construction works well with the economic model and provides a great ROI for years to come. We feel we’ve achieved that with these new prototypes, saving money and building costs while maximizing operational efficiencies to drive franchisee profitability.”

Advantages for franchisees include:

  • Greater labor efficiencies
  • Faster builds
  • Lower costs
  • Better customer service

The new store models will open systemwide in 2023.

Learn more

Grease Monkey is looking for franchisees who are seeking single, multi-unit, and conversion opportunities. When franchisees invest with us, they’re investing in an organization with a strong culture, solid systems, and proven business models backed with years of experience. For more information, download our free franchise report or call 800-364-0352.