January 23, 2020

Grease Monkey Franchisee Bill Lindsey Is Bringing the Brand’s Second Location to Arkansas

Grease Monkey employee shakes hands with a customer outside the center.

The 27-year resident of Northwest Arkansas is reinvesting in his community with the nation’s largest independent franchisor of automotive oil change centers.

Bill Lindsey, one of Grease Monkey’s newest franchisees, is set to open the second location in the state of Arkansas. He plans to follow in the footsteps of fellow franchisees Paul and Tinker Husley of Fayetteville, who have built a legacy with Grease Monkey by founding a business that was focused on family and community. Lindsey lives on a poultry farm with his wife and 16-year-old son, who he says will also be helping out with the business.

Lindsey, who is a career electrician, looked into franchising with Grease Monkey because he was looking for a stable investment that would benefit both his own family and his community in Northwest Arkansas. Lindsey owns his own business as an electrician, but wanted to be a part of something bigger, and decided franchising would be the key to the next chapter of his life. “I wanted to get into franchising to be able to follow a proven business model, and avoid making mistakes that other new business owners might make on their own,” said Lindsey.

After performing his due diligence, Lindsey pinpointed Grease Monkey as an industry leader, and with only one other location in Arkansas, the market was wide open for development. “It just seemed like a solid career choice,” said Lindsey, who has always had an interest in the automotive world. “Cars have always been a hobby of mine.”

Since being founded in 1978, Grease Monkey has established itself as a serious force within the automotive industry. Co-founders Bob Palmer and Alex Anderson filled the void in a sector that needed a true one-stop-shop for all automotive maintenance needs, and have since built an empire that spans more than 230 locations across the U.S. and over 300 centers internationally including operations in Mexico, China, Colombia and Saudi Arabia. Today, Grease Monkey stands out as the largest national independent franchisor of automotive oil change centers.

As an independent franchisor, Grease Monkey isn’t owned by any particular oil company or automotive manufacturer. This gives franchisees the advantage of being able to provide the best services possible with the highest-quality products, without being constrained by brand allegiances. The transparent business model and high standards for franchisee support are just a few of the reasons that franchisees like Lindsey decided to take the plunge.

Soon enough, Lindsey and his wife were traveling to Fayetteville to meet with the Husleys and talk about their future with Grease Monkey. “They are really friendly, really knowledgeable people,” said Lindsey—a quality that can be found in many of Grease Monkey’s franchisees.

Although Lindsey hasn’t quite nailed down a location just yet, he is in the process of working with a real estate agent to find the perfect spot. “We have one existing business site that we’re working on,” said Lindsey

In addition, Lindsey is looking forward to the economic impact that a Grease Monkey franchise will have. “This will bring some solid work to our area, and be a chance for me to really give back to the community,” said Lindsey.

For now, Lindsey is focusing on getting his first location up and running in 2020, but he hopes to expand in the future.

Thanks to franchisees like Lindsey, Grease Monkey is bringing its second-to-none services to new markets and building an even stronger business, and network of fellow franchisees, across the U.S.