August 15, 2021

For Grease Monkey Franchisee Tom Tobin, Corporate Support Is Fuel for Success

Grease Monkey franchisee Tom Tobin

The Texas-based entrepreneur will open at least two more locations with the fast-growing auto franchise over the next 5 years.

There are many reasons to buy a franchise, but for new Grease Monkey® franchisee Tom Tobin, it all boils down to one word: support.

Although Tobin’s Grease Monkey franchise officially opened in Cibolo, Texas on July 8, 2021, his relationship with Grease Monkey and its parent company Full Speed Automotive® began four years prior when he first contacted the brand about franchising opportunities.

“I was getting ready to retire from my company and was thinking about what the next stage in my life would look like,” Tobin said. “My son was headed off to Texas State to get a degree in auto mechanics. I thought Grease Monkey could be a good fit for both of us.”

It took two years for Tobin to decide to sign on the dotted line, but he said Grease Monkey used that time to build a relationship with him. “The thing that really impressed me about them is even before I made a commitment with them, they would call to see how my son was doing and how things were going,” Tobin said. “They were very respectful and attentive, which gave me a good feeling from the start.”

As a veteran, another thing that impressed Tobin is the automotive brand’s commitment to bringing on veterans as franchisees. “Grease Monkey has an exceptional program for veterans,” said Tobin. “They do a lot to attract and support veterans. Both Grease Monkey and their vendors have developed programs to help their veteran franchisees ramp up quickly.

But what really made Tobin realize he had made the right decision to partner with Grease Monkey was the training experience.

A cornerstone of Grease Monkey’s business model is its Certified Pit Crew program, which trains teams to deliver speed, quality and a high level of customer service at every service visit. The brand’s training program is similar.

“They guide you through it like a relay race,” he said. “Step one was acquisition and engagement, where they lead you through the franchise disclosure document and describe the program without overselling themselves. For step two, they handed me off to another person who helped me with land acquisition. After helping me narrow down locations, the “land person” flew here and spent a day and a half looking at locations and helping me process what would be best. Once I identified the spot, he then helped me with negotiations on the property and walked me through what I needed to do, since I was building from the ground up.”

Once he was finished with his building plans, Tobin was then introduced to a business consultant who supported him thr3ough selecting a general contractor, overseeing construction, assisting with equipment and setting up operations at his newly completed site, which will also feature a car wash and boutique that his wife will run.

“To say I felt supported by Grease Monkey is an understatement,” Tobin said. “They even called me on our soft opening day to say, ‘We’re here to support you. What do you need? How are you feeling? We’re going to be there for your grand opening and beyond.’ It’s just been a phenomenal experience.”

Located just outside San Antonio, Tobin’s Grease Monkey location will cater to the large military population that lives in the area, offering full-service oil changes that include fluid checks, wiper and blade checks, filter checks, vacuuming and window cleaning.

With Tobin’s son now graduated from college, he’ll be managing the shop while Tobin focuses on developing and building at least two more Grease Monkey locations over the next five years, something he’s looking forward to.

“I just can’t say enough about the relationship Grease Monkey creates with its franchisees,” Tobin said. “The franchisees here in this area have spent hours with me in my shop. People go out of their way to help you. Being a Grease Monkey franchisee is really like being part of a tight-knit supportive family. It’s something I never expected, but that’s really the best part about it.”