November 22, 2022

Expand Your Franchise Portfolio With Grease Monkey

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Boost Your ROI With Grease Monkey’s Multi-Unit Franchise Opportunities

If you’re looking to broaden your franchise portfolio, look no further than Grease Monkey®. We’re an outstanding brand for business owners looking to expand their franchise portfolio or to make the leap from single-unit to multi-unit ownership. Here’s why:

Recession resistant

Our franchise model is recession-resistant. No matter what’s happening, cars need oil changes as well as other automotive services. In fact, our franchises stayed open during COVID because oil changes were considered an essential service.

Many other franchises sell services or products that are nice to have but not necessary — think restaurant, hotel, residential cleaning, and fitness chains. When money gets tight, consumers cut back on eating out and travel. They exercise at home and clean their own homes.

But the average person always needs transportation and will spend the money to have a reliable vehicle, even when they’re watching their expenses more carefully. It doesn’t matter whether a car is brand-new or older, a basic or luxury model.


If you have automotive experience, that’s great. We’re happy to have franchisees who have knowledge of the industry. That said, experience isn’t necessary to join our franchise. Our experienced franchise leadership and development teams will help you to succeed. Most of them have years of experience in the automotive industry and in supporting franchisees.

Rahul Rai, a multi-unit franchisee in Dallas-Fort Worth, says: “I felt confident when I saw how the company operates and communicates with and trains franchisees,” he said. “Everyone was very professional, and that made the decision to franchise much easier.”

We’re looking for people who:

  • Know how to lead a team
  • Can promote a culture of excellent customer service
  • Have great people skills
  • Are energetic.

For the rest, Grease Monkey provides training for you and your staff. As a franchisee, you’ll attend a weeklong training school, where we’ll show you how to differentiate Grease Monkey from other quick lube businesses.

Growth opportunity

Grease Monkey has flexible development options, and demand for our services is strong nationwide. That makes the brand an ideal choice for diversifying your portfolio within the footprint of your existing market or markets.

Franchise fees and EBITDAR

The benefits of multi-unit ownership include the economies of scale. As a multi-unit operator, you’ll receive discounts. The initial franchise fee for a single Grease Monkey unit is $39,900. That fee is discounted to $20,000 for a second unit and to $15,000 for subsequent units.

Another strength of Grease Monkey multi-unit ownership is our financial performance. Grease Monkey’s average EBITDAR for fiscal year 2021 was 25.7% for the top quartile of sales averages based on franchisee-owned stores, as shown in our FDD. For a restaurant franchise, for example, an EBITDAR of 15% is considered good, and 18% is great.

Learn more

Grease Monkey is a fast-growing franchise, with territories available for multi-unit owners. To learn more about our business model, download our free franchise report.