November 15, 2023

Driven by Hospitality: Award-Winning Owners Focus on Customer Experience

Greg and Becky Parsons with Ron Stilwell at the IFA convention

A husband and wife team’s exceptional customer service powers their oil change business

Grease Monkey® owners Greg and Becky Parsons of Texas won a prestigious Franchisee of the Year award at this year’s International Franchise Association convention. 

Their success has a lot to do with their vision of running a business, including a commitment to hospitality and to providing opportunities to those who might not shine on paper.

As it turns out, their previous careers were great training for entering the entrepreneurial world. Greg’s background is in the hotel and restaurant business, and Becky’s is in the medical field.

A warm welcome

A core differentiator for their oil change business is an unwavering commitment to providing an inviting atmosphere. Their store is more than just a service center; it’s a space where completing a necessary task can turn into a pleasant and family-friendly visit. “We’re in the hospitality business,” Becky and Greg say. 

They filled the lobby with art and comfortable chairs. They offer snacks—free coffee, candy, and popcorn—and clean bathrooms for customers and employees. There’s a putting green out front, a play area for kids, and games like Connect 4.

“I learned early on having a welcoming family experience is a key marketing strategy,” Greg says. 

Customers sometimes take photos of their lobby and putting green. Their store has a repeat customer rate of 70%.

Steering into the unknown

When asked why they wanted to open their own business, Greg explains, “I have had the opportunity to open hotels, restaurants, and golf courses from the ground up. It was like starting a business.”

“So the confidence was there. After that, it was just hiring the right people and a commitment to customer service.”

Treat people well

One of the most striking aspects of Greg and Becky’s oil change business is their commitment to their employees. 

“We treat our employees like we want them to treat our customers,” Becky says. “You have a challenge to help someone grow beyond what they think they can do. We’ve hired employees who have been overlooked by others.” 

“With proper training and the ability to earn commissions beyond their hourly wage, they see a career, not just a job.”

Personal connection

Of course, the owners have the pivotal role. Greg and Becky have their contact numbers printed on business cards, and they are always available to address customer concerns.

“The customer is like a CEO. They have a greater desire to do business with you when the owner is there. When I go to the store, the customers know I’m the owner and I’m there. It’s what’s made us successful,” Greg says.

The Parsons speak highly of the support they get from the home office. “They give me anything I need. It’s a resource to tap into. I hear from Julius [from Grease Monkey’s home office] once a week,” Greg says.

Although, they say, they need less help from the home office as they gain experience with their store.

Grease Monkey oil change business

The Grease Monkey franchise is growing fast, with plans to reach 1,000 units by the end of the year. If you’d like to know more, download our free ebook now.